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Our lives are becoming more connected through technology everyday. We provide products and services to fully automate your home. From lighting, audio, and video integration, all the way to powered shades, temperature control, and more.


Make your home the envy of family and friends as you press a single button to lower the shades, dim the lights and play music. Never worry about forgetting to shut off a light or lock a door, as everything in your home can also be monitored and controlled from your phone.

Lexand Electric
Lighting Control

Smart control of lighting through out your house means intuitive controls and reduced wall clutter. We combine practical lighting control with stylish design.

Lexand Electric
Digital Media

Integrate any video or media source and stream it to any tv in your house. Control each room and all of its sources with a single remote. Centralized media gives you many options with few limitations.

Lexand Electric

Whether it is surround sound for your theater or whole home audio for music through out we have you covered.

Lexand Electric
Home Networking

With todays need to stay connected, having a reliable home network and strong Wi-Fi is necessary. 

Lexand Electric
Window Coverings

Our systems have the ability to integrate and automate powered blinds. With hundreds of style, color, and fabric combinations available no two installations are the same.

Lexand Electric
Smart Home

Whether you're going to work or on a holiday, setting your home to a schedule has never been easier. With robust technologies at our disposal you can control every aspect of your home.

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