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How much does a solar pv system cost?


The price of a pv system can vary from house to house. A few things need to be considered when sizing a solar pv system.  These include annual energy consumption, roof space, budget, and the homes infrastructure (age of house, roof type, electrical panel, wiring access). An accurate quote requires a site assessment of the property. For a free estimate please click here.

Are there any rebates/incentives available?

Yes, there are rebates for residential installations available.

-City of Edmonton residential rebate of $0.40 per watt based on the total installed system capacity up to a maximum amount of 40% of the eligible system costs or $4,000 per application, whichever is lesser.

How long do the solar modules last?

Solar modules have been tested to last anywhere from 30 to 40 years. Solar pv modules are so reliable that manufacturers include 20 to 25 year warranties on their panels.


Does my solar system still work if the grid goes down?

With a grid-tied system if there is a power outage the system will shut down.  This is put in place for safety concerns as there is potential  of back feeding the grid in an emergency situation.


Do I need batteries?

No, with a grid tied system  you are still able to pull power off the grid when needed and in times where your overproducing you feed back to the grid creating on your electricity bill. Rebates are only available on grid tied PV systems.


Does solar pv work in Alberta?

Yes, Alberta has some of the best potential for solar production in the country. Our long summer days mean we have some of the most sun light hours per year in comparison to other provinces.


Do I have to clean the snow off the panels in the winter?

No, most of your solar production will be during the long days from the spring through fall. Though panels will still produce energy with small amounts of snow cover, the winter days are short and don't warrant the need to clean off the panels as production will be low through the winter months.


Is there any maintenance required for a solar pv system?

No, once the system is installed it becomes virtually maintenance free. There may be the odd time where leaves or other debris has covered a portion of the solar array and would need to be cleaned off but most times a good rainfall would wash that away.


Is there any financing available?

Yes, aside from including a solar system on your mortgage when first building your home, most major banks offer special financing options at reduced rates specifically for energy efficiency projects.

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