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Lexand Security Solutions provides a necessary service in todays day and age. It is a common misconception that a security system only protects you from burglary and theft. With todays technology a fully integrated security system is capable of protecting you and your home from unexpected trouble. Sump over flow alarms, low temperature warnings, and monitored smoke alarms can all save your home from damage and keep you safe while you sleep at night.


As a DSC and Qolsys Dealer we are able to draw upon multiple lines of products to best suite the application they are being installed in. Whether you are looking for a basic alarm system or a fully integrated security solution, we can do it.

Lexand Electric
Lexand Electric
Secured Home

Our systems provide an added level of safety and security to your property and your life

Armstong Monitoring

We are partnered with Armstrong National Alarm Monitoring. They are a 24/7/365 Canada wide security monitoring company. Providing services since 1989, Armstrong prides themselves on ensuring your home security system is operating without fault, and sending you the proper authorities when you need them most

Lexand Electric

With the use of communicators we can make your security system mobile. With a wide range of compatible products on the market, we can provide the peace of mind that your security system is armed, your front door is locked, and your garage door is closed. All from the palm of your hand

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